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  1. I’m fond of making up quotations and proverbs etc, and had the idea once to compile them into a book called The Little Book of Enlightenment.
    The idea was to create a load of proverbs and sayings particular to modern life, each with a simple illustration by yours truly, that could be discussed, argued about and the like.
    So here are a few of the ones I compiled to date.Plus a few by others that far exceed my own.

There are no boundaries to creation. Only the absence

of will to create in the first place.

The truth costs nothing, except maybe friends.

Why does the word BELIEVE, have the word LIE in the middle?

Plagiarism begins at home

There is the same difference between living and existing, as there is between religion and belief.

Never trust a politician. The same lips you might let kiss your baby, were probably kissing someones arse the day before.

We spend more time and effort on fixing things that are broken, than we do making sure they don’t break in the first place.

Reality is a true expression of optimism over Imagination.

If in doubt, kick yourself for ever having doubted at all.

Seize the day because tomorrow never comes.

It would be wrong to doubt the courage of any man or woman who chooses to go to war.
But if they die, surely they die for us to have the basic freedom to question such wars.
And why anyone should die at all.

Never lend, what you can’t afford to lose.

“It is creatively impossible to imagine something that does not have its basis in the world our mundane senses can comprehend, just as it is impossible for man to imagine the void.”

New clothes are just old clothes, waiting to


Mind over matter = If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!

Governments have killed more people than terrorists ever have.


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