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I’d like to get roaring drunk with Fish from Marillion, Kathy Burke, Bill Bailey, Keith Allen, Johnny Depp and Tara Reid….A MAD NIGHT!!!

Other people I’d like to meet on a social leisurely basis, like at a cafe or round theres for a meal, or mine in fact if they dont mind sitting on the floor, i abhor furniture, are Terry Pratchett again, I miss the little guy and his suprisingly business like ways.

Damien Hurst just so I could throw him in the Thames!

Keith Allen again, cos be would have beaten me at that first drinking competition…I would demand a rematch!

Simon Pegg, cos its always nice to bask in the light of genius…

Nathan Fillion. I watched an out take from the Serenity DVD, and instantly I knew the planet was a better place for having this guy on it. Then I got back to the serious business of pausing the film whenever Morena Baccarin pouted…I’m a bad bad man!

Joss Whedon. Lets face it! Flyfire was a work of ‘sheer profundity’ (CSNY-4 Way Street) that summed up so many contemporary themes that I get a headache thinking about it. The casting was sublime, the use of camera techniques inspiring, the world, refreshingly new for a space based Sci Fi series. And like so many amazing things, it seemed to have been totally disregarded by the FOX network. The film Serenity was a pheonix rising. Weird that the swing towards space films seems to be returning. They’re remaking Star Trek FFS, and thats my point. Its ok the rehash old stuff but when something original comes along, it doesn’t get the support it deserves. Maybe the underlying themes in Firefox were its undoing. Freedom, resisting the power of big organisations, simplicity, friendship, trust, finding your place in the world without being restricted by government. FOX blamed the audience, but as we all know at 65% of the people who watch TV are easily manipulated peons, they were probably right. “Hey guys, forget this show, you’d much prefer to be watching Joe Millionaire!” dicks!

George W Bush, cos every party needs someone who no one will talk to.

Heather Graham, cos besides my girl friend, there cannot be a more adorable woman on the face of the planet!

Dave Gilmour, cos I just cant get that intro to Wish You Were Here right.

Kate Bush, cos…well….if England has a national treasure, its her.

I would also like to meet anyone who can tell me what book was on Jackanory. I was really young so it would have been late 70’s, early 80’s.

The only bit I remember is a beautiful sequence where a baby ended up on a ledge of a big building like a library or something, underneath a big carved stone eagle, and a storm came over, and the eagle came to life and moved its wings to protect the baby. The other was a baddie in the book was in a park, and it had been mentioned before that if a dog ever talked to you you would turn to stone. well, he was walking ,having failed in his evil plans and passed a dog that said ‘hello’ to him, and he turned into a statue.

This has perplexed me for over 30 years. Any help PLEASE!


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