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Its Monday. Now I dont mind Mondays. Its the start of the week, a beginning, and theyre always good for a laugh at least. Today I have completed two videos on Youtube/facebook which I’ve been playing with for months now. Thats always the way it goes with me. I fumble about with ideas and thenZAP! turn out everything on my mind in a short space of time. I could have been content to sit and play online all day long but I felt the urge to do something real, and so I did.

Pat myself on the back.

Now I will turn the curry I’m cooking down low and go and get some beer, safe in the knowledge of a job well done. Though I will probably edit them at some point its nice to get them out there. The internet is great for that. Before, when I drewand painted lots, I used to give them all away to friends and whoever, because I liked the idea of my stuff being out there somewhere, circulating, having a life it its own. The internet is just like that. You can get your stuff out there and it could be seen my thousands of people. The only drawback is of course loads of people might not like it, or you might piss people off for doing it in the first place. But thats the other great thing about the internet….who gives a crap! They can post nasty comments on your sites but so what!


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