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Watch this video. It was made by Adam Kokesh, an Iraq veteran. Its powerful, slightly forced as he is reading it from a prepared manuscript, and rather American. But the question is, why does this not happen here?

Are we not living in such a world as he and his peers. Ok, we havent had George Bush, we havent had the foreign policies that America have instigated in recent months and years. But the world he exists in is the same as us. So, why is there no voices calling for the English or shake off their shroud of apathy concerning the decisions our government have take over the exact same time span?

I made a few videos on various topics on Youtube, and I got a great deal of feedback whenever I questioned the US government and its policies. But when I made one clearly pointing out the UK’s failings, no one said a thing. Nothing!

When I pointed the finger at the people of England, myself included, for supporting the US overseas policies, of the world conflicts which the UK government support, I got nothing. No one said a thing. No one said I was wrong.

Are we so passive, so subservient, so excepting that we cannnot stand up and say when something is right or wrong.

Watch this video.


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