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REALWORLDNEWS  02/09/09  13.21hrs

Following a five year, joint investigation between the US and Israeli security agencies, 5 men were arrested yesterday on terrorism charges. Although they remain at this time unnamed, it is believed that 4 of the men are Palestinian nationals, while the fifth holds a US passport.
Arrests were made in Washington, the Israeli/Gaza border and in Northern Israel.

A statement released by the US government states, ‘We are at present holding a man suspected of being part of an anti Zionist movement, apparently active in the US for sometime. Our joint operation with Israel followed an attempt to extort a large amount of money from a number of wealthy Jewish businessmen in the United States in 2004. During the arrest, an amount of sand, sea shells and a large stone were recovered. There are clear links between the actions of this individual and the terrorist suspects apprehended by the Israel security forces. Despite reportedly tenuous links to other terrorist organisations in the region, no direct link has been established between the agenda of The Sons of the Desert and Hamas.’

An Israeli government statement said ‘The suspects under arrest at the present time are part of an elaborate conspiracy to destabilise the Israeli nation by systematically removing sand and other materials from within our countries borders. Intelligence reports indicate that all 5 men are members of a terrorist group called The Sons of the Desert, whose sole intent is to undermine the nation of Israel by progressively removing our land itself, in order to make Israel smaller.’

A spokesman for Hamas, stated, ‘We are aware of the group these individuals are suspected of belonging to, but Hamas in no way supports or endorses them. We find their aims, to be honest, rather silly.’


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