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(This will be delivered to John Harris, of the TPUC, on 13th June, 2009)

You know, all the study and investigation I have done into how the world is working, and for that matter, has worked for centuries I question. Even though I know, I must search for more answers.

The perpetual state of wage slavery that we exist in and that we are encouraged to exist in. The literal truth that our potentials for profit and taxation are traded on the world money markets like cattle or market resources. The fact that we place ultimate value in nothing….only gaining solace from what we can covet and collect and ultimately throw away to replace with things of equal worthlessness. All this is meaningless if people don’t want to change, or would rather not know anything that might make them change.

And that is what I find as I speak about this stuff, sounding more and more like some raving prophet or madman. People who listen either hum or ha about it, and then avoid supporting me to help further my search, or there are the honest ones, who simply state, ‘I don’t want to know more than I know. I don’t want to open that door and find out something that will shake my grip on how I see the world and my place within it.’

They are happy, or as happy as they want to be, despite the injustice and abuse that they know they suffer at the hands of the powers that control us. They don’t want to change because the world they happily inhabit would not be there anymore, if things change. They will have lost their hold on something they’re familiar with, and so truth is something they wish not to see.

The ultimate question is this. If we seek and find a solution, surely it is natural to spread this solution to others. Such is the way of change, no matter how uncomfortable, or conflicting it might be. But if people are happy in their ignorance, happy to simply exist with what they are comfortable with, happy not to know, is it right for us to burden them with what might change them and their lives forever?

“The heresy of one age becomes the orthodoxy of the next.”

“Things do not change; we change.”

I believe that if we change, the world we inhabit changes also.

I believe this is a movement towards change, everyone here knows it deep inside themselves, or they wouldn’t be here! But change, personal, or with a bearing on the population as a whole, will never be accomplished alone. We exist in a world of division.

Only a single act of unity will result in anyone taking notice, and in that unity, those who change will find both security and strength, while the people who witness it will question both the world they are deluded into accepting, and then how they might change themselves.

The process to being a Freeman seems to be a singular one, but if a date was made, a line was drawn, a moment was created where, not one, but a thousand, or twenty thousand took this path at the same moment, it would imprint itself on history, and in so doing, have the opportunity to change everyone.

A singular moment when many people all took the same action.


In that there would be both momentum and security. In that moment, the world might listen.

That’s the difference between subscribing and being a member.


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