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Just checked……Children in need 2009 has made as of about 04.oo on 15th, £20,309, 747.

Which is great news obviously, because apparently 1 child in the UK dies every week due to neglect and abuse? Fair enough, this is small fries compared to the 30,000 or more that die every day in the third world from preventable illness and disease. But that’s in the third world isn’t it.

Thankfully, we can bypass any ill feeling that we might stumble upon in the papers or on the TV about that, and raise money or even better, phone in some money to Children in need. Philanthropic tendencies sated from the safety of our armchairs and sofa’s, happy that we’ve done something to help the faceless millions who need our contributions without getting our hands dirty. Gee! We are nice people.

And what a good deal it is for the government. The people get a brief swell of self gratification for acting like twats for a good cause, raising and donating loads of money, which comes for their own pockets, and totally eleviating the government of the responsibility of having to use tax payers money to help children in need. They have better things to spend money on after all. Like things that might prove useful in a war!

Hang on you say! But our forces out in Iraq or afghanistan dont have good gear!

Well, my answer to that is simple……..I guess the money is going elsewhere then, like into already rich peoples pockets.

A good example being the defence budget which is set to increase from a baseline of £32.6Bn in 2007/08 to £36.9Bn in 2010/11.

Bottom line……there should be no charities……There should be no need for people to give out of their poockets to help children, or the poor, or whoever. We pay enough bloody taxes. The Government should pay for these kind of things and make sure that our money gets to people who need it. FFS, it is a total disgrace for things like Childline to face closure just because they dont have enough donations! Its a disgrace that things like my local air ambulance has to survive on the pathetic resources it gets from government and rely on top ups supplied by donations!

Things like this people need.


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