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Today the befuddled and distracted masses of the UK plc trudged to the polling booths and took part in that most traditional acts of liberty and freedom…..yes, choosing the next bunch of miscreants and corrupted dilettantes to rule over us.

The joke of course is that whoever gets into ‘power’, its the same shit really.

Here comes the new boss. Same as the old boss.

The people who apparently are there to serve us, but who tend to have two houses, a huge salary, expenses accounts and spend their days talking bullshit. You might as well have Johnathan Ross in control of the government, and likely as not, if he did run, thousands of idiots would vote for him.

Did I vote?


I dont play games I can never win.

However despite the apparent freedom of the media, the Sun newspaper (or toilet paper, not sure) had a cover announcing OUR ONLY HOPE, with a graphic of David Camerons face. While even Yahoo had a blantantly biased political entry about the importance of voting, stating that if you didnt vote, you didnt count!

Oh, have no doubts who Yahoo is backing in the election, with classics like

Yahoo! readers back David Cameron

Tories far outsrip rivals on funding

£12m donated to Tories during 2010

The polls: Conservatives ahead before last debate

The final polls: Cameron retains his lead

along with classics of guilt trip propaganda like,

Why spoiling your ballot is no better than staying at home.

You see you have to play the game or youre some kind of traitor to freedom and democracy apparently. Forget that you might actually have the insight into seeing that the political system in this country is a sham, intended only to continue the abuse that the UK people have endured way back past living memory.

Cameron actually stated that he would not support a system where anyone in a political position could be sacked by their constituients. How more blantant can you get.

And so, we are urged to play along in this political three legged race, divided by our democratic choice and the mark we make in the ballot box.

Bottom line.

Politicans are scum, with only a minority holding true to the ideals of serving anyone but themselves, and as is always the case, these minorities have no voice, and they know it!

Leaving us to remain in servitude.

Yeah, voting is our right.

But our right to what exactly?


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