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(Whinge Alert – This entry was prompted by a bad day and general dissatifaction with my job. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

Ive come to a sad revelation about a pathetic subsection of the British people. Firstly, the majority of people in this country are hard working, get up and get busy, making sure that they’re making ends meet. Oh, and a large portion of these people arent British by birth to be honest.

But scattered amongst every community in this country, there are a large portion of people who make me totally ashamed to be British – actually, I prefer to call myself English, cos my ancestors can be traced back to about 1730 and for generations they were all on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, which is English in my books. Besides, the word British is the people of Great Britian, and lets face it, its been a long time since we could comfortably call ourselves GREAT in any way whatsoever.

The reason for my reaction to these people is my experience of them as a psychiatric nurse. First, let me say from the word go, these pointless wastes of oxygen and general ground space in my experience have never been of any ethnic type other than british born caucasians….every one of the scrounging, whiney, attention seeking, self esteem devoid tossers. Now this may simply be because I have worked in areas that have small concentrations of immigrants or other ethic minorities, so the space that can be filled by retarded wasters, tends to be made up of white UK’s. Or, which is my own personal opinion, it is down to the fact that we have become a nation, whose cultural representation is dragged through the mud by a subsection of total cunts!

People who are happy in themselves to threaten suicide so they can be admitted to a psychiatric unit to get out of something, or better still, to enable them to claim more benefits, or renew an existing benefit. Or, even better, to get a change of housing because the place they have isnt big enough and it makes them depressed and suicidal…..nope, they need a four bedroom house, or its a bottle of pills & half a bottle of scotch for them!

The funnier ones actually claim to have taken an overdose of huge and generally life threatening proportions, then when blood screened in A&E, its found that there isnt a sign of anything at all. DUH!

Hey, heres another cracker. I’m suicidal, I’ve taken an overdose, I need to be admitted….on New Years Eve! Then display no signs of anything, no anxiety or agitation, no depression, no withdrawl from social contact – in fact quite the opposite. Once they get their depressed suicidal selves through the doors, its party time and they’re queen of the ball, laughing and joking and generally looking like theyve just won the lottery.

All of which btw is a slap in the face for (A) the other patients who are there for real reasons, like….err….being really ill! But also (B) the nurses, who they seem to see as people to generally abuse and take the piss out of knowing full well, that if they treated people like that out in the real world, they would be stabbed. (Possibly more than once)

NOTE – Nurses have a code of conduct, that says they arent allowed to stab people! They must take all the abuse, verbal & physical aggression, general piss taking, death threats and every other humiliation possible. Oh, they must continue to take this until the doctor, who spends about 4 hrs a week in the company of patients, decides to discharge any perp. Which doctors never do because theyre all way too concerned about losing their jobs, just in case some parasuicidal twat accidently kills themselves, when theyre attention seeking.

Have certain elements of our society sunk to such a level of excremental sub development that they can happily do this type of thing and not feel at all worthless and pathetic? Wheres their self esteem? Their personal pride? Their worth as human beings?

They are wretched beyond the level of souls trapped in one of Dantes levels of hell, except, theyre not in hell, theyre bloody here, taking the piss and making a mockery of people with real mental health problems.

Boohoo, I’m sad, my husband got a new job and now doesnt spend all his time looking after me…….boohoo…..I’m sad and depressed cos my house isnt big enough…..boohoo…..I need my mommy, I need a dummy, I need the potty, I dont get enough money for sitting about and doing FUCKALL!

Oh, by the way, Psychologists have been awfully nice and given these streaks of dogs piss a diagnosis…..they suffer from Personality Disorders.

I have checked the DSM-IV and there is no entry under, ‘Retarded human detritus who make you understand the urge to kill your fellow man.’ Personality Disorders (of every colour of the rainbow & which can include every person on the planet in one way or another) is all you get….sorry.

As noted above, doctors reluctance to actually give these people their marching orders and so accommodate them, actually encourages the behaviour and tells those involved, hey its ok to take the piss, to abuse the system for your own ends, to manipulate others.


You get yourself known to the system and even if they suss you out, you can come back again and again and again cos they simply arent gonna take the risk that you might really hurt yourself.

We actively encourage the behaviours by supporting them via inpatient admission.

What should be said is,

 ‘Ok, lets be honest, that was a rather pathetic attempt to ‘kill yourself’, but hey we’re having this conversation, sooooooooooooo, youre either pretty fucking stupid, or you have never really meant to kill yourself in the first place huh?’

‘So, life gets you down, well, hey, heres a thought….fucking change it then!’

‘Who knows, it might get better, and lets face it, it aint gunna change if you simply keep coming back here and getting free bed and board, your benefits renewed and generally hiding from the world, you loser!’

‘Now sod off and get a life.’



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