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Its been near on a week now and I am still not sure what has become of my now ex-girlfriend. I have emailed her, and nothing….I suppose I should text, but strangely enough I feel that that would be imposing in some way. I have these visions oh her languishing in some Israeli prison because of the amount of English money she had on her!
I did have a brief conversation about if and when we should make contact after she went home, and I do recall say a month or two. But I at least expected a mail to say she got home alright!

I was thinking today, what if she just vanished?


And I never heard from her again?

How fuckin weird would that be? Almost 3 yrs together and then bham, she gone!

The question is, what would those 3 yrs mean? Did they exist? Were they real?


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  1. Yep, of course they were real… She’s fine, I’m sure.

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