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As readers (if I have any!) may have noticed.

I have a thing about Hillary Clinton. As the song goes, ‘She does something to me.’, which is slightly unnerving given both hers and her husbands track record for being dodgy as hell. Clinton was a debaunched manwhore, with all the temperance of a latterday rasputin, and I dont want to even start on their seedy and unscupulous business deals.

But I do recall the moment I found myself liking Bill. It was in his closing days in the White House when he released a load of photo’s, one of which showed his on a BMX bike, riding down a corridor in that most regal of all American buildings. And it just summed him up totally. Yeah, the whole Monica Lewdinsky matter was squalid, but he got caught, while Kennedy just got a bullet. Maybe US CIA tactics with regard to censoring Presidents had matured somewhat, but I couldnt help think that the one word that summed ‘big’Bill up was IRREVERANT.

I get the idea that the Clintons are a party couple. To this day I believe that they are.

Back in the day, in their Clinton’s heady youth I’m betting the Clinton house was the place to be. Pot smoking, money making schemes, radical views….wife swapping? Who knows.

The thing that strikes me about Hillary is she seems to enjoy herself. She is the US Secretary of State, a role filled for decades by crusty bastards with the charisma of pubic lice, but there’s Mrs Clinton appearing to be having a whale of a time. She has undoubtable charm, its as simple as that, despite the fact that she must have a dorsal fin that would make Jaws look like a stickleback.

The pictures of her meeting Sarkozy say it all.

She is having a ball, and he seems to be joining in. Bouyant might be a better way of describing her. At the end of the statement and questions following the emergency summit in France on the 19th, where other statemen might dismount the podium and amble off for a nice warm mug of coco, she bounced off the stage, wishing everyone who would get to stay in Paris a good time.

Now, I wouldnt trust her,but you cant avoid that she is a breath of fresh air. Whether thats good for government, who knows. Given that the vast majority of statesmen are old codgers, it certainly does make a difference.


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