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Ok…..I know it’s been out for a while, but I don’t watch TV so everything to me is a rerun. However, I did buy the box sets of Life on Mars due to being a big John Simms fan and loved every minute of it, mostly because I remember the 70’s and so the cultural references brought back fond memories to me. Besides, the cars were awesome, having owned several of the models shown myself at one time or another.

The 80’s on the other hand, despite being in my teens during that period, I don’t recall with such affection, but Ashes to Ashes even managed to make me nostalgic for that God awful decade of Culture Club and New romantics.

And the final episode was everything I hoped it would be.

Well, not everything because I hoped Mr Simms would make a final one off appearance, but in retrospect that would have totally ballsed it all up.

The ultimate revelation, that Alex was in fact dead all the time and that Gene was a kind of psychopomp, enabling policemen who dead in violent ways to come to grasp with their demons and then escorting them into the light, was a perfect ending.

Though connoisseurs of geekdom might see links to past TV series, in particular Quantum Leap, with the barman in the final show being God, and Sam having been all the time dead, despite going back and forward through time righting wrongs and saving souls. The metaphor for heaven in Ashes to Ashes and the Godlike figure being the black barman Nelson – note in Nelsons final line of dialogue he called the other permanent cast members ‘children’ as he ushers them into the light.

And yes, in the end it was a battle between Good and evil, heaven and hell for the damned souls, leaving Gene to continue on, in his role, stoic and faithful to the end of time.

Despite not being as original in the end as it seemed, but is there really such a thing as original lets face it, this was a perfect end to a long and enjoyable series, doing something in two series, one of two seasons, one of three, that seems to be beyond American series that just seem to go on and on and on, until the original concept is lost and forgotten and marred by longevity.

This is what makes British TV so good. We aren’t scared to call it a day, bring it to a pleasing end. I think a fourth season of Ashes to Ashes would have been too much. Even three seasons at times looked a bit dodgy with a rather bleak listless air in a couple of the episodes. But it wrapped up well so things like a lack of momentum is easily ignored.

I will miss the characters, but they have gone to a better place and its comforting to know that Gene Hunt is there waiting to catch lost souls and sort em out!


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