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Oh here we go again!

Another invasion of our privacy. And one under threat of a prison term and1000 quid fine by the way.

Now normally this would piss me off. In this particular case, I’m furious!

Mainly because one of the companies behind the UK census is in fact a US corporation whose main stock in trade is designing things that kill people better. Lockheed Martin.

Amongst LM accomplishments is

The A10 Thunderbolt.

The F22

                                                   The Longbow FCR and Longbow Hellfire missiles

 The Javilin missile system

The JASSM cruise missile

The Polaris, Poseidon and Trident nuclear missile systems.

And most poignant of all

Biometric technology and Information sharing technologies used by the office of Homeland Security in the US ….an essential for any dictatorial, and overtly paranoid culture.

Do I want a coproration who is wrist deep in the arse of the US Military Industral Complex, having access to my details, or in fact anyones? Is it even right to have such a corporation  to be simply allowed to bid for such a role and get it. Its a British Census, where an American corporation responsible for making weapons…no….weapons is too small a word. A US corpoation responsible for making items designed for wholesale loss of life, is in a position of control over the UK peoples peronsal details.

Do I hell as like!

2011 UK Census: Lockhead Martin the world’s largest arms producer, have contract to oversee the whole of the UK census.

What the FUCK!

Do I trust the imformation to remain safe and out of use to consumer culture, credit card companies or in fact anyone else who can make money out of the information in some way?But more important, I’m not gunna go along with a corporation indirectly responsible for mass slaughter, often as a result of dubious international politics and out and out lies!


And the HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEE joke here is the 150 million pound contract the LM is being paid for by my taxes. So, I’m paying a US corporation, intregal to US political and military interests, to organise the collection of  my private information AND, my taxes are also going to my own government to fine me or imprison me if I dont go along with it!

Another US based corporation benefiting from being involved is CACIUK, part of CACI International. To quote from Organised Outrage,

‘CACI UK has been given a £18.5 million contract for crucial work for Scotland’s census. CACI UK’s parent company,  CACI International, is a US-based defence contractor whose employees interrogated prisoners held without charge or trial at Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. While CACI staff were employed as interrogators at Abu Ghraib, prisoners were humiliated and tortured there by US military police. Photographs of the abuse shocked the world and led to the conviction of a number of low-ranking US soldiers by courts martial. Lawsuits brought against CACI by former prisoners are on hold while US courts decide whether CACI, as a government contractor, can claim immunity from legal action. The former prisoners allege that CACI staff were amongst those responsible for their torture.’

Capitalist culture appears to be the dominant social model here, so don’t I have consumer rights? If I’m paying ultimately for this service, surely I have the right not to chose to go along with it.

And here is the point. As apparently, Capitalism is so important here, isnt it about time we started expecting our own government to use our money wisely? In the high street we expect the things we buy to be value for money, to not be junk. So why doesnt that seem to matter with where our taxes go?

Its our money after all. We certainly dont want to give it away, its taken from us. So, despite this, shouldnt we decide what is value for money? Like hmmm, maybe using British companies maybe?


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