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I find myself confessing lots on this blog.

But given the fact that so few people actually read it, and fewer still are motivated to comment, its rather like a Catholic confessional… walk in, seat yourself, maybe wiggle a bit to get comfy and then declare to the curtain or shadowy but ornate grill  “Its been three years since my last confession.”

In this case though, you are greeted by silence from beyond, where you imagine the priest is.

I like that.

So, anyways, Bless me father for I have sinned.

Its been about 6 months since I last watched the entire 5 seasons of Greys Anatomy, practically back to back.

But there I was early this morning with my night shift coming to an end, I plugged a mobile drive into a computer at work and watched episode 1, season 1.

By the time I left for work tonight, I had reached episode 4, season 2, and only had 3 hours sleep.

Its like foreplay, once you start, its really hard to stop. To me at least, I just have to go on and on and on, forgoing adequate dietary intake, toilet breaks and sleep. I’ve got 3 days off coming up and despite knowing I have to trash my kitchen and clean it, write at least two new chapters, pay some bills and engage in general mudane crap like that, I will be on episode 1, season 4 AT LEAST by the time I come back to work later this week.

The only sad part is that I can’t go any further than just after George dies….because if I could I would.

Now, I don’t watch TV ok!

I havent watched it for about 9 years now. If something comes up I like the sound of or it recommended to me, I used to just watch it on the net. But now that I’m downsizing for my next trip, I don’t even do that anymore. Last thing was Lie to Me, which I raged through in about 2 days.

But Grey’s is different. I have permanent copies and it is one of those TV series that simply makes me feel torn between laughing and crying. I laugh cos its funny, I cry because its filled with moments and themes that simply don’t apply to me, but I wish they did. Oh, not the tragic stuff, the friendships and general fuzzy bits that good US TV shows manage to bottle into something like vinegarette, that they then proceed to liberally sprinkle your attention with.

RESULT – bliss….A total unrealistic life-hole, but bliss nevertheless.

Its warm in the place they put you. Its like being hugged, or wrapped in a warm blanket, one of those ones that a succession of elderly female forebears put together over several decades and its all patchwork and snuggly. Outside it could be 30 below and any exposed extremities might form icicles, but inside you’re in heaven.

I also have a total crush on Ellen Pompeo’s character Meredith and that kinda sideways or half tilt look she gives the camera. Though to be quite honest, she’s a bit too skinny to be perfect.

Oh, and Kate Walsh…who is…is….well, I won’t even start on that modest but sprightly celebrity infatuation purely because I really want to get to sleep later, and won’t be able to if I start talking about the effect she has on me.

It’s tacky but hey, its my bloody confession and if it wasn’t tacky, it wouldn’t be worth confessing about. Thats the whole idea of the Catholic church…do something naughty….feel guilty…then feel good again cos you have confessed.

I’ll say 5000 HailMarys later instead.

Kate is special because we were born the same year. But while I’m to be charitable, a bit of rough, Kate is just plain glam, which kinda makes me feel that theres someone of my generation, who makes up for all us throwback scruffy hippy types out there. Kate is our excuse, because no matter how we let ourselves go, if anyone critises us for being past it or too old, we can just say…ARHHH, but Kate Walsh was born in 67 too! And watch as the shallow and ultimately urksome little morons sulk away and dream of looking that good.

Thanks Kate xxxxx

I would have watched more of Private Practice…just to get more of Kate, but I’m English and its genetically bred into us at a chromosomal level that watching a TV show with too much sunshine in it is bad….or it may remind us on a culturally subconscious level of all the convicts we kicked out to Australia, and who now live better lives than we do, even in a country where every animal has the potential to kill you, including  the sheep!


update – 03/11/11 –  back to work tonight….I got up to season 3 episode 2


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