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I find it ever amazing the ideas that spring into your head when your drunk, stoned or both.

Fair enough you really have to try and catch them, and more importantly, keep hold of them long enough to write something down before theyre gone again, often replaced by another equally good idea.

I write, draw and make videos so ideas are always welcome.

I was in a similar state recently and this came into my head.

Tilbrick was not a barbarian!

Despite being commonly known as Gab.

Gab the Merciless.

Gab the Great.

Gab the Painfully Thorough.

Gab of the Icy Places.

Gab the barbarian.

Despite being six foot four in height and around 17 stone of muscle, with the long mane of raven black hair, smoldering heavily browed blue eyes and the 100% all over tan that covered his sculptured form, adorned, as it was, with the furry leftovers of numerous animal species from his homeland, far away in Basik.

Despite even the huge battle axe, Black Alice, a weapon so filled with seething anger that it visibly steamed, leaning against the table that on that night, he was sitting at, amidst the hussle, bussle and general sleaze of the Dog’s Armpit, riverside district, Motblamer, the largest town in that region.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Tilbrick was in fact a daydreamer.


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