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We have Secret Santa at work, and this year I got a young female….not as my Secret Santa present…I mean the last time you could get one of those for under a fiver was about 1890, but I digress.

So, cos I know her well, and know she could take a joke I brought her this…..

Now, despite NOT purchasing said penis shaped massage tool (no pun intended) from a sex shop, just a toy shop, the kind that open up in December and close in January, I did encounter a bit of embarrassment, because the shop assistant looked very very close to this….

I decided that being honest was the best policy and told her immediately that I would have been a lot less embarrassed buying this….


If she didn’t look like this….


She chuckled coyly as girls do when being told something they know already.

Then she asked if I would like a bag….I said, what a brown paper one?

Another chuckle and all my embarassment was gone.

Yes, I was comfortable with my purchase.

As I thanked her and walked away she happily called after me..”Oh and enjoy yourself!”




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