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Dear Rockstar Games

Today, on a whim, I visited by local computer games shop, and saw LA NOIRE down from £35 to £20. Now Rockstar Games make good fun sandbox games. They have a solid rep and produce hours and hours of game play, and I have played every one of their better known games…up to a point.

The point being that in every bloody game, there is always a flying quest, which is bloody impossible on a PC. At that point I stop playing that game. So, in fact, I have never completed a Rockstar games product…ever.

But brushing this aside, I brought LA Noire, some beers and settled in for a good old night of gaming.

What I should have done was take that £20 and eaten it, there on the spot.

That way I would be guaranteed to get something out of it, even if it was shit.

The game loads, but doesn’t start beyond the game itself giving you the option to play the game, which of course, doesn’t work.

Now long, long ago, in the dawn of home PC’s, you used to get these posters that hyped up a certain game on one side, and on the other was the code for the aforementioned game. It was down to you to type the code in and debug it as required.

Here we are over 30 years later, with technology spewing out of every orifice and I can now buy a computer game and then have to search the internet for other poor bastards who were foolish enough, like me, to buy the sodding game only to find that it didn’t work and so had to search the internet…..and so on.

And hope that one of them has found a way to play the game that we paid good money for.

Now, most newly released games don’t have this problem.

Skyrim for instance just took auto updating over the net and Steam to play it.

Other games haven’t really been what they could be until the first patch, which is all the work the designers wanted to put in in the first place, but ran out of time.

Fair enough, at least I get to play the game prior to the patch.

LA Noire seems to have opted for the ‘FUCK YOU consumers. We’ve got your money, now you’ll just have to wait until we acknowledge the need to let you play the game.’

Releasing a game that doesn’t even start. Hey I know that consoles were your first choice but fuck me, can you really get away with such poor examples of commerce?

Thanks a lot you bunch of dickheads!


One Comment

  1. Hey man

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems with the game.

    If you drop me an email I’ll try and help out.

    Jurgen/Rockstar Games

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