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The Goblick

There seems to be some confusion about both the origins of the Goblick, and the species in general, so this brief synopsis to aimed at clearing this up.

The Goblick was first discovered in a box.

The Goblick in question being found to scream at an astounding and ear piercing volume when the box was opened, as this particular member of the species was found to be highly photosensitive, and was used in this particular case as an alarm to dissuade anyone trying to steal the contents of the aforementioned box.


However, this was an exception, and was only valid as a spontaneous plot driven device in the RPG game Runequest. In fact, I seem to recall the players asking what the screaming creature looked like and so on a scrap of paper I doodled it, and that original image has remained exactly the same for over 25 yrs.

The species in general is NOT photosensitive, and is far more represented by the description in A Hero Called Tim.

The Goblick is a spaniel sized creature that has a disproportionately sized head with shallow hollows where its eyes should be. Their skin has looks and feels like velvet. However, their main racial trait is its totally boundless appetite. The common coloration of Goblicks is blue, though depending on environment, varying shades of this may occur, as well as differing skin coloration including vague stripes or mottling, though the predominant blue hue will always remain.

The Goblicks fore and hind paws each have claws, which remain extended and are not known to be retractable, like those of felines.

As noted above, the Goblick has no eyes. Instead, it gains almost all of its sensory information regarding its environment, by way of the large pads on the end of its twin tails. These appendages, gather a vast amount of data, with even the merest contact with the ground etc, including vibration, scent, proximity and some sages have even been led to deduce, colour and even emotional content, though said sages are unwilling to explain why!

Goblicks that loose a tail, though this is very rare, will regenerate a new one in six to eight months.

The Goblick moves by means of a long and powerful bounding motion, during which the twin tails will touch the ground, independent of the Goblicks body, and so maintain a constant awareness of its surroundings. Goblicks can reach a speed comparable to that of a cheetah at full speed, while maintaining a high level of agility, even at high speeds, enabling it to even turn at perfect right angles while maintaining its momentum. The Goblicks jump is also worthy of note, and heights of ten to fifteen feet have been recorded, in a single leap. This makes finding food in almost every habitat equally possible to the hungry Goblick.

Goblicks eat and digest anything and in fact everything! Albeit animal, vegetable and mineral, appearing to gain sustenance from whatever it swallows. Sages and learned lore masters have guessed that the Goblick may possess an incredibly complex digestive system that may include multiple stomach chambers containing stomach acids that make sulphuric acid look like marmalade in comparison.

It is a well-documented fact that if and when Goblick numbers reach a certain level in a small area, they will swarm, with disastrous outcomes, and are capable of reducing vast areas to sterile wilderness with their feeding in this situation. Thankfully, it appears that they reproduce at an exceptionally low rate, so such instances are rare, with only four such cases being recorded in the three centuries since the species was discovered and this was purely due human forced breeding programmes, which obviously they regretted. In all civilized areas, Goblick breeding is illegal.

Brave researchers have discovered that Goblicks possess three rows of teeth, each showing highly regenerative qualities, not unlike sharks, and the ability to dislocate their jaw to deal with larger food stuffs, or boulders, very much like snakes. Jaw strength is estimated at seventeen times that of a  Namibian striped hyena. Once swallowed, all food stuffs are reduced to organic mush inside three hours due, as noted above, the strength of their digestive stomach acids.

Shortly after the species was discovered, researchers found the velvet-like skin of the Goblick, to be totally fireproof. Spraying a Goblick in napalm will only have the result of the Goblick licking it off. This makes them highly prized by alchemists, though obviously persuading a Goblick to part company with its skin is widely acknowledged to be a dangerous enterprise.

Despite its devastating eating habits, Goblicks are widely known to be peaceful, curious in nature and highly intelligent creatures, and often show extreme loyalty to those they except.

The viewer’s first impression of the Goblicks facial expression is of almost idiotic happiness due to the head width sized smile it holds when its mouth is closed, probably an unexpected evolutionary outcome of its skull shape, jaw musculature and the need to accommodate its teeth!

There is a common rural proverb, which reads as follows,

“Happiness is Goblick-shaped………best to keep them happy!”


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