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I am an artist and at what I do, I’m very good.

I am a writer and after self-publishing two books and doing all the leg work associated with such a task, and getting positive feedback from those I am fortunate enough to have got copies of my books to, I feel, that for now,  I’m OK as an author.

Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman have over recent years, become a major inspiration in my slog towards carving out my place in an industry that seems unwilling to take chances on new artists or authors. Oh, theyre very honest about it, but as noted elsewhere in this blog, being financially viable is where its at right now, which seems to leave very little room for us ‘small fry’.  But Alan and Neil remain my inspiration.

However, oddly enough,  I have made a point of never reading anything Neil has written, because I never want to feel that soul crushing feeling when reading an established author, of thinking ‘You bastard! That was my idea!!’

It happens believe me. The Gods of creativity nudging each other smugly as you realize that that idea you invested so much time and effort in nurturing, something that your whole story may hinge on, was given to an established author with all the muscle and contacts to do what you could never do…..get it published.

I never want to feel that way about Neil, because I enjoy listening to him, because when I do, everything I hope or dream of, seem possible. In that little moment from when he opens his mouth, to when he smiles and takes the applause, I feel that everything is possible and I have a chance….I really, really, have a chance!

I have listened to him over and over again and even for someone of my age, I find him a joy AND an inspiration because….well, he is the way I should, no…..I wish I had worked out, if I hadn’t forsaken my true artistic self and chosen a career that crushed my creative spirit, despite the good it has done others. He IS inspiration, dressed in black, with messy hair and an almost hypnotic voice. This vid sums him up and also sums up the inspiration he possesses for others, willing to listen.

Of all the vids available out there, this is the one that holds the most promise.

It holds promise for anyone, anywhere who is creative and/or artistic and hopes to release their creation on the world. Everyone stuck in a mundane and ultimately unsatisfying role in the world and dreams of doing something amazing, and touching the lives of others with their dreams, their ideas and their creative soul. But who for whatever reason feel they don’t have a snowballs chance in hell. Watch this and feel as I have felt. That everything is possible.


Cos Neil bloody well says it is numb-nuts!!!!


Just a minor point that I noticed. In mental health nursing you tend to become very good at watching non-verbal signals, body language, things that have been turned into a science by people like professor Paul Ekman with his development of micro gestures/expression detection techniques. However many people unfamiliar with the details of his work, will be aware of the unconscious single finger gesture common in Western society. In this video, at the mention and resulting applause to Neils Sandman series, he displays such a gesture to the audience. I love Neil and find him utterly inspiration, but he’s only human.


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