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Ok……….as noted, I’m now 45 yrs old.

Long ago, before I starting nursing, if someone asked me who or what I was, I would say I was an artist. This was before I wrote A Hero Called Tim, which oddly enough was writing while I was a nursing assistant in a local nursing home for old people. Somehow at that time, I could both nurse and paint and draw. Something that became impossible when I became a qualified nurse, when the job seemed to suck all my attention and focus out of me,leaving no time to seriously involve myself in something that in recent years I have discovered is so important to me and maybe more importantly, has such a positive effect on my life.

But now, after 14 yrs of professional nursing, I dont want to be a nurse anymore….at least to a level where my artist spirit is sucked dry to the marrow.

This is the time.

This is my time.

I have noted that during my travels to India etc, my creative output increased. This is a fact. But on this last trip, I have noticed that my ability and progress as a simple artist has come along leaps and bounds, and unlike nursing with its momentary flares of satisfaction, drawing actually makes me feel that I’m am doing something that I should be doing. It makes me feel happy, something that if I’m honest, I have not felt much of over the last decade or so. And, above all things, I actually can see that I’m getting better.

On this trip I have totally focused on pencil drawing. Its easy and travels well, and I like the effect.

I ponder, how much better I might be painting, as I once did, if I invested a similar amount of time.

I am also aware of my failing eyesight….hoohumm…the Cosmic irony. Athletes die of heart attacks, musicians go deaf, artists go blind! If it wasn’t so comical it would be sidesplittingly funny.

So, my new life resolution is to do my art. To get better and create, in the words of Neil Gaiman, good art. I can and have created wondrous things, things that no one else can create. The act of creation is all important in a world where consumption and waste are the currency of existence and everyday life.

What I will actually do with it, I have no idea, but the act of doing it is enough I feel.




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