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The ‘truth‘ is out there, they say.

Something more and more people are both seeking, and feeling that they have found. Truth about the world about us, how it really works. The truth about the people in positions of power and the reality of their agenda’s and reasoning. It includes everything from the financial system, to religion, royalty, foreign aid, the environment, corporate domination, the food we eat, energy, politics, the law, immigration, even pedophilia and abuse.

This growing movement in the world, and it’s not a new thing, has its roots in the early sixties, and certainly in the dark side of 1970’s with its bleak economic shroud and the loss of the optimism that prevailed throughout the previous decade.

In the 60’s everything was possible, in the 70’s nothing was possible and it was this shift that I believe sparked the growing consciousness that things really weren’t going as well as politicians told us. Hopelessness grew, and as always, and I have to say thankfully, an urge to change grew with it.

The movement we see today is the offspring of that initial spark. A direct and inevitable result of  the establishments knee jerk reaction to squash anything that might upset the status quo of the West.

The term ‘Truther’ or ‘Truth Movement’, I have to say I don’t like.

Let’s face it, truth is profoundly subjective.

I prefer terms like awakening, or being woken up, which, besides their Matrix connotations,  implies personal understanding.

After all, no one wakes up from sleep but you. People can wake  you up, but that generally pisses you off, and I feel that people who throw themselves into this endeavor, of preaching the truth about anything, do end up being people who piss people off.

In the end if you’re going to wake up yourself, it should be a natural process, not due to the actions of the walking talking human equivalent of a 6am alarm clock.

There’s also the problem that anyone who feels strongly about a theory or idea, must acknowledge and that is that there’s is a thin line between being passionate about change, wanting people to at least look at the alternatives to the world we live in today, and becoming an evangelist. Cross that line and before you know it you’re burning witches again.

I recently watched a vlog from a member of a group related to the whole consciousness expansion, truth type thing, lamenting that he had witness YouTube vid’s from self anointed ‘truthers’ where they simply screamed abuse at the Bilderberg group and other like minded elitist organizations and feeling distressed that these individuals were what the movement towards change was becoming, or at least being portrayed as.

Sadly, people get distressed and angry so are led to expressing themselves in desperate ways. Every movement has them, and such individuals have simply missed the point. They see such organizations are the enemy, as focal points for their venom and frustration. The reality is that if the Illuminati exist, if the Bilderberg group are some powerful manipulator of global affairs, they are just as screwed as the rest of us, they simply can afford to be screwed in a more privileged way. The problem is not the rotten core of humanity who thrive off the control of others, who horde wealth and power. They’re just doing what all of us have the capacity of doing when placed in a privileged position…namely, of being corrupt. But the joke is that they’re are just as consumed, just as addicted, and just as powerless as we are. After all, if this were not the case, they could give up what has brought them to such a position.

They’re not the problem in my eyes, money is the problem. After all, without the financial system, they would be the same as everyone else.

I had a discussion with a like minded friend of mind about this and he revealed an important fact, which I hadn’t considered serious beforehand. Humans all have the capability of being corrupt, of turning on their fellow man, of playing the advantage. That’s a sad but inevitable aspect of being human in the modern age. But they have to have a reason.

Money on the other hand, now, as I write this in 2012, has almost taken on a life of its own. It’s all invasive, it influences everything and everyone, often into behaviors that are only justified by financial gain. No one really controls money, while money controls everyone.

Just ponder that for a moment.

Now consider all those members of humanities top 1%, the ones who have all that power, all that wealth, all the moral fiber of a chicken McNugget. They are all going to die. The one thing that they have invested so much of their lives in and all the pain they may have caused in its accumulation, will all be lost. They will inevitably have spent their lives investing in something that will ultimately slip behind their grasp. They’re like the pharaohs, wasting their time building pyramids to glorify their lives and deaths, being buried with their wealth and servants. But for what… become dry bone and papyrus, their organs, dusty remains in earthen jars.

Money is not transferable to the afterlife, even if you get one.

They are as addicted to money as we are.

Now I’ve felt the anger and frustration about the so called ‘truth’. I’ve made videos that could be seen as just as reactionary, because when you see something that changes you, you want to share it. You want your friends and loved ones to see what you see. It’s natural. But the one thing, at this stage in human evolution, that you get when talking about such things is apathy. Or blank or incredulous expressions from those you speak to. Most people either aren’t ready for this kind of thing, or simply don’t want to know. You may think this is crazy, but its logical really.

Ok, the world isn’t a good place, everyone will agree that it could be better. But….most people can cope with it all. They don’t want their bubble broken, because on the whole, things work for them on a personal level.

Back to the conversation with my friend.

He pointed out that people think that their own problems will be solved with enough money. that’s why people do the lottery or gamble. All it will take is that one big win and everything will be better. So if people thing about that from a personal point of view, that it is the solution for them, then they ultimately believe it must be the same with the world as a whole. All it takes is enough money and all the world’s problems will be solved.

Sadly it is the complete opposite if you really think about it.

But we as humans see things from our own personal point of view. The trick is not to. The trick is to see yourself as the whole human race, manifest in one place, in one moment of thought. Only then can you see that money only causes problems, only causes greed and suffering and corruption.

But as I said, the majority of people are happy the way things work out, because on the whole, its working out ok for them personally. You work, you get paid, you get to spend that money on stuff that makes you feel happy for a while, then you need to work more and on and on the process goes. This is normal life, and those who have seen the possibility of something better, need to acknowledge this.

Yes, the reality is that we could change it, we could make it better, it could be better, if money wasn’t such an issue. But at this precise moment…that’s not going to change.

And most people are happy with this.

It’s really rather odd if you think about it. As I said, I firmly believe that practically everyone feels that the world could be better, that there are things that should and could change. But you have to accept that most people really don’t want to do anything about it. They may feel powerless or frightened of change, cause accept it, change it scary. Most people will not be the movers and shakers in any change in our society. They will simply change when they have the option and when it is possible. They will not be instigators of change. Most people never are, if you look at history.

But some have to be.

The important thing in all this is that change happens, not that the overall majority are involved in it. Because, most of the time, this is simply not the case.

I have opened up about the ‘truth’, the financial system, turning on to stuff like Taking Liberties, civil rights, the resourced based economy, the Zeitgeist Movement, films like Fierce Light etc, to several people since I finally clicked about my own personal interpretation of ‘truth‘ about 4 yrs back now and some have taken it on board and run with it, but I do feel sorry for them at times. The whole concept is so big that it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed at times, not to feel that you can’t do anything about the bigger issues, cos they’re…well…so big and they have suffered for what I helped them see. Now after a lot of personal introspection, whenever I talk or write about it I also add something to things like the above. It is roughly as follows,

“You and I will never see this happen, not in our lifetimes. The world just isn’t in a situation fluid enough to support it. But that’s not important. Change happens either spontaneously, without warning, violently as a result of crisis, or slowly over time. If you feel you have a role after taking this stuff on board, the most important thing is to simply keep the process going…but not to be an Evangelist…you’re not converting the heathens. Simply give people another side of the story and step back…let them evolve themselves. If they don’t, then so be it…if they do…repeat to them what I have just told you.
In the end change will come…but not yet. The important thing is to keep the idea of an alternative alive. That change is possible, no matter who you are.”

The important word in that statement is evolve, because I feel that’s what this is all about. Money evolved, to become the entity it is now. Humanity must evolve to remove it and find something better. And likewise, humanity must evolve to move past the prejudices and limitations that money has imposed upon us, to the day when we finally accept that we are all one race, all related, all just the same. While money exists, this is impossible. Because there will always be a dividing line between people. Take that away and we will have reached a point in our evolution when we can flourish and have the opportunity of being all that we can be. And I firmly believe that we are capable of things that would make science fiction seem like a weekly shopping list.

For now, we who believe, can only hope to keep the momentum going, in the knowledge that one day, long after we have gone, it will manifest and our pain and frustration and passion will have been worthwhile. We are creating and sustaining a legacy so that when we breathe our last breath and move on, we can be happy that we kept something so precious, so important alive.


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