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This is the first blog entry for a while, because I accidentally spill beer over my modem resulting in a rather brown smell and a shower of sparks wreathed in smoke. The plain result of too much beer and too little desktop space.

I saw this as an omen and much needed, so I dismantled my computer down to the smallest bits I could get and packed the bits away.

BUT….technology has a kind of sneaky way of making you use it. I’m here purely because I’m doing an undergraduate course and need the PC and the connection. RESULT – Haven’t painted in a week!

Anyway, despite my failings. Here is a list of things both coming up and the Fates willing, aim to do in 2014.

I can look back at this entry later and see where I succeeded and where I failed.


Most traumatic for me, as a person whose very existence is based on vision, in January I am having holes drilled in my eyeballs to relieve ocular hypertension. To be honest I am terrified. Ive just got into my art and realized how it benefits me, and my fear is that something will go wrong and I will have that taken away from me, in some apparently trivial outpatients appointment. That’s January. The rest of the year seems totally dependant on this working out.

All well, my task for next year is to produce 8 paintings for exhibition in Colchester where a rather conservative atmosphere exists with regard to my kind of art. The driving force for this is simply artistic revenge!

A so-called community gallery whittled down my request for an exhibition from a full scale exhibit to maybe…maybe having one picture in an open exhibition. Something that conflicted with my ego and undermined my faith of local art in general. But I also want to make a stand for art that is deemed ‘out of the ordinary.’ There are better artists out there than me, no doubt, but if I can make enough of a noise with my stuff, maybe I can open the door a crack for other people like me. Artistically I want to reenact the sacking of Colchester by Boudica, and the more noise and upset I can create, the better.

Also, I am going to enter the BP portrait competition 2014, hosted by the National Portrait Gallery in London. I have the idea, which as all good pieces of true inspiration just came to me and above all made me chuckle. So I knew that was the one. Its called Authors on a Bench. That’s all I’m going to say. The feeling behind it was a mixture of the urge to portray three authors who I respect, but with a sense of emotion and poignancy given the situation they appear to find themselves in at this moment in time. I don’t want to do just caricatures, so will try and avoid my urge to fine, obsessive detail.

On a different slant, next year, all going well, I will stop work and go traveling once again with my lady, which means 6 months or so of intense heat and uncontrollable sweat and weight loss and beautiful views and smells that turn your stomach along with stomach upsets, with the woman I love and who I have never traveled with. In the past I have traveled, and then most of the time, stop traveling and come home because I miss her. So this will be both amazing and also different.

This is the plan.





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