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BBC NEWS – 28/3/14

A UK industry regulator has called for the law to be changed to require pornography sites to carry out age checks before granting access.

The survey indicated that over the period:

  • 6% of children aged 15 years or younger had accessed an adult website
  • 5% of visitors to such sites had been under-18
  • One website alone – Pornhub – had been visited by 112,000 boys in the UK aged between 12 and 17-years-old
  • Of the wider population, 23% of those who had used the net over the month had visited an adult site
  • Visitors to adult sites spent an average of 15 minutes looking at them during each visit and typically clocked up two-and-a-half hours of time in total over the month

ATVOD (The Authority for Television On Demand) added that the survey probably underestimated the scale of the issue since smartphone and tablet use was not included in the figures.


Heard this on Radio 4 this morning and it linked in with an item several months ago that I felt the urge to write about but didn’t. Firstly, the item on the radio had two speakers representing both sides of the argument, one a guy who had once run an adult site. Unlike most adult sites this one had a rather boring and sleazeless name, which probably explains why he did run one, given that most such sites have typically names like Cumtube and The person representing the side of the argument incensed by the news above and pro-censorship made me laugh. I often wonder if people representing certain arguments on TV or radio are recruited from a list of stereotypes. Yup, you guessed it right. The representative was what sounded like a 60+ upper middles-classed woman, complete with your typical upper register ‘jolly hockey sticks’ tone. How awwwfully predictable.


The problem seems to be children under the age of 18, watching hardcore porn. Unlike the picture above, as might be expected, its mostly boys. The other side of the problem is that viewing such material can damage the viewer.


Now personally, despite believing utterly in the freedom of the internet and personally having no issues with pornography, I do agree that children under a certain age should not view such material, though personally I think it should be under 16, not under 18, or you end up with a silly situation like age laws in the US. I mean, logically, if you can legally have sex, surely you should be able to watch other people (via the media) having sex.

I have no doubt that viewing hardcore porn if you are young does effect the way you view sex, and the opposite sex. It also reinforces gender attitudes that should be killed off, like the view of women as objects. These just reinforce male dominant attitudes that have done nothing but screw this world up.

The viewing off such thing also can lead the child to inadvertently view subject matter that is simply fucked up, because porn links are not always to be trusted, and so risking even worse psychological trauma in the viewer.

Lets be honest, porn is not a good reflection of male female interaction. If you’re old enough to have already established an adult approach to the opposite sex, founded on experience, then I believe the damage can be avoided. But children don’t have that experience, so their view can be prematurely corrupted.


VODAFONE, already have the answer. GOD! I never thought I’d say that about Vodafone.

Basically, if you want to access adult material you have to call up and ask for the access filter to be removed. So, take this idea and go for broke.

So, you’re a horny 12 year old boy. You’ve got bored of page 3 of The Sun or a sneakily stolen lingerie catalog. You’re hormones are bubbling away like the rumblings of a dormant volcano, ready to spew forth a raging surge of sexuality…in fact, you’re probably already feverishly practicing for something you can only imagine, despite you’re imagination being rather limited. So, you have a form of internet access, a smart phone, a laptop, and iPad, and you try to find some porn. Your friends at school have talked about it. The media has told you about it. You feel a thrill of nervous excitement as you hit Google and do a search.


Google, the champion of accountability, gives you 30 pages of links that make your groin throb.

You pause to listen to make sure you’re parents or a siblings haven’t come home yet, your finger ready to click the link. Click! You get the following image come up.


Now if that doesn’t put the horny little dude off, then when he calls the number provided, trying to make his voice sound deeper and practicing a false date of birth, the phone is answered by….OH MY GOD! Its an obviously elderly lady, who sounds like his granny. FUCK! The poor little guy, his hard on instantly gone as he has to engage with what he can image is a sweet little old lady, as she asks a series of questions that are aimed to confirm his age. Her manner is utterly personable as she starts to ask his some questions.

“Now sonny, what sort of pornography would you like to watch?”

“Err, oh, ah….”

“Would be like to watch things with big boobs? Teen porn? Japanese porn…oh, that includes bukkake doesn’t it sonny? Cumshots? Anal sex……..grannies!”

At this point I imagine any normal sexually frustrated preteen would have hung up. Shit he was expecting to just give his date of birth to some bloke in India with the dull practiced tone of bank clerk, not this shit.

Another bonus is the employment opportunities for elderly ladies, all trained to make such conversations so embarrassingly agonizing for the child making the call. Add to that some tech that identifies child like vocal tones and the explanation that calls will be recorded, and it would be a great deterrent.

Fair enough, porn can be shared between children, and to be honest there’s not much you can do about that, but despite the obvious macho factor of showing porn to your friends, the fact remains that viewing porn, accompanies by the associated activity of whacking off to it, IS a solitary pleasure. Its not a group sport I’m telling you.

But in the end, its down the the services providers to put that filter in. Its all down to them.

Kids will always do what they see as dangerous and adult. Especially if you consider the pressure our culture puts on children, denying the duration of being a child. Since the late 50’s, the pressure to rush into adulthood has been a very real problem in my opinion. And it gets worse every year. There is a dreadful hypocrisy that society limits the time that children can be children, but then starts taking the moral high ground when children start trying to be adults before they’re allowed legally.

To be a child is to be innocent.

Our society pretty quickly destroys the reality of innocence.

Its not a new story. The Fall in the garden of Eden, the snake, the apple, Adam & Eve, is all about the loss of innocence. (OH, and reinforcing patrician society for the next two thousand years  and making sure that women were abused and dominated for the same length of time of course.) But in a society where 7 yr olds hang themselves due to academic pressures or media bullying really needs to get its priorities straight. In fact, here, pornography itself can illustrate how fucked up our society really is. In the 1970’s and before, porn had hair! Oh my word did it have hair. The participants had big hair, bushy side burns and huge moustaches. The naked bodies had pubic hair sprouting from everywhere. Hairy bodies, hairy groins. It was all so natural and above all, adult. Today, in an age of moral panic about internet grooming, predatory pedophiles lurking everywhere, conservative attitudes on everything, all sticking up its nose at every kind of immoral acts. But hear once again we see porn representing the culture in which it exists and also portraying what we copy, albeit unconsciously. Porn today is practically hairless. The women all now have a shaved, almost pubescent appearance. And if you take a group of women aged 18-35, I would bet good money that over 50% of them would be just the same.

Morally, ethically, rationally, our society is truly fucked up. It makes no sense whatsoever.

But the one thing that makes me feel really sad for us as a race, is the loss of childhood, the loss of innocence. The chance to be a child. Pornography is just one of the thousands of influences that slow erodes that time when we have the capacity to be free.



THE NEW STUPID: The Rise of the Truly Ignorant!

The internet is a mind-blowing fucker of an invention, like the wheel and sliced bread, like the internal combustion engine and tin cans.

It has an endless amount of information, of ideas, and opinions there waiting for those who seek to expand their minds and grow in everyway.

Ok, there’s an endless amount of porn, but pornography is like malaria, something that effortlessly adapts so as to maintain its survival. So forget about that, because when dealing with porn, there is only one truth.

That there will always be more!

So, here we have a means to gain information and both objective and subjective truth on almost every subject that the brain can dredge up from the fevered avenues of human curiosity

From UFO’s, home made video’s, chat rooms and lengthy dialogues on the most popular conspiracy theories of the time, right the way up to English grammar, foreign language translation and how to grow carrots! You can communicate with people thousands of miles away without a problem, and send images globally in an instant. There possibly has never been so greater a tool for communication and the transfer of knowledge since some smart arse came up with the idea of using drums or smoke signals.

Such a powerful tool for knowledge and communication has never before been seen in the history of Mankind.

Its power is truly breath-taking.

And above all, it is almost totally user based. The internet would be an empty realm of absolute nothing without the input of humanity.

Yes, as with pornography, the greasy fingers of the corporations is evident everywhere, although there is also the hand of small enterprise and business, that otherwise would be restrained and handicapped in their commercial outreach. But for the most part, it’s down to normal people

But, the inevitable outcome seems to be that instead of embracing this it seems to have created a new sub species of human.

The new stupid are out there, ready to spew their narrow minded views onto a global audience. Views seething with hatred, with bigotry, with ignorance, with all the things they feel they can safely express from behind the anonymity of the fibre optic and phone line, secure in the knowledge that they can say what they like without fear of having three shades of shit kicked out of them!

Hey, I’m all for freedom of speech, but not when it goes hand in hand with ignorance.

The new stupid don’t care about the facts, don’t care about learning or the knowledge that a few clicks of the mouse can give them. They seem to have side stepped all the things the internet can offer in favour of simply using it as another medium to express their wretched, bestial ignorance.

Lets put aside the appalling rape of the English language, and the strange fact (in my own experience) that the majority of these ill-bred troglodytes seem to originate in the US, and focus on the total lunacy that they can summon up as they stab at the keys, fresh spittle dribbling from their lips.

The best way to illustrate this is by example.

Sometime ago, but still very recently, I made a video. It was titled Good Bye George, and was a farewell to the last great American dictator, George ‘Dubya’ Bush. It wasn’t really harsh, as have been others on the subject of the former US administration, though the end might have upset people and explained the comment I go. It simply said, after a short collection of photo,

“May History bend down and deliver a great turd on your memory, removing it from both sight, and retrospection. Its discarded remains of interest only to the dung beetles and scatologists of history. Farewell and good riddance.”

Provocative maybe, but it was from the heart.

The comment I got was as follows.


You fucking moron…

It’s people like President BUSH who saved your stupid ass twice.

You pathetic faggot

Now, I like comments.

In the heart of every poster on news group, forum, chat site and video host, beats the yearning to make something that inspires both praise and criticism. But when it pointless abuse without reason or knowledge, then I for one, know that I have attracted the foul attentions of the new stupid.

And here is the heart of it.

The ability to hide behind the net and simply abuse others simply because you are too stupid, too ignorant or too indoctrinated into a certain way of thinking, is the sign of these wretched 21st century malcontents, seething behind the hardware and nimbly sidestepping how great a medium the internet can be. In the end they are simply the offensive prank callers of the digital age.

So, watch out for these miserable asinine bigots, and if you fall foul of them, simply use long words and confound the fools. Or better still, ignore them because like posters crave comment, the new stupid yearn for it doubly so.

The worst thing you can do to them is offer them silence, and they will limp back to the pathetic, lonely REAL lives they lead beyond the keyboard, frustrated and muted and so very, very stupid.