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When you travel, the people you meet are special.

I firmly believe that.

I’ve travelled since I was about 25, and I have met hundreds of these special people. Most you meet, spend time with, share experiences and ideas, and leave, often never having contact again. Sometimes, remaining friends from a distance.

But now and again, you come across an individual who can only be discribed as enigmatic. Someone so out there that they leave a lasting impression on you.

And sometimes you meet them again.

This was the case with Odin Pang.

I met him first, the year before Aparteid ended, in South Africa, at a place called The Boulders on the Cape. We traveled together along the coast to Durban from Cape Town, and then up to Petermaritzburg and finally to Johannesburg. Five days in total. Then as traveling companions do, we parted. I headed back to Zimbabwe, he to India.

In 2007, I went to India to work on a conservation project. I spent 3 months there then traveled on, heading for Goa. I met him again, after 11 years. As people do, we fellinto each others company and travelled some more, before on Febuary 12th, 2008, he vanished. The only thing that remained was a tattered Ozzy army backpack, a ball of string, a extremely well traveled copy of Moby Dick and his diary, which was so old, it was nothingmore that a worn leather cover filled with loose leaves of paper covered in writing, magazine clippings and old 35mm pictures, held together with elastic bands. He hadnt said he was leaving. He was just gone.

Here I will put what I found in that diary, together with my own experiences of my time with man. It wont mean much, or it might mean everything. Like I said, some people are enigmatic. Odin Pang certain was.


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