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The domino effect they call it.
The midle east is where the domino’s is where they are falling.
This is unpresidented in middle eastern history and to be honest, I find this rather profound.
One thing for sure…..the US administration must be shitting themselves. For so long the US governments have happily sat back and supported these regimes, regimes known for fucking awful human rights violations. But as long as they played the game and kept the oil flowing, I guess thats ok.
But a middle east where democracy starts springing up…..oh the trauma!
The US have always used democracy as a banner, but lets be honest, if the middle east actually achieved this, you really think they will favour the US?
No way.
They are muslims and lets be honest, the US have stigmatised and blamed Muslims for attacks on the US. So, if civilian muslin governments start popping up, I doubt that they will favour the US, who have happily supported the very dictators who are in danger of being overwhelmed.
I cant help but think about 2012…a new world order, a change in the focus of the world.
And here we see profound changed to an area that the rich west relies on for oil.
Scary stuff huh.
How long before the US government shows its true face and casts their lies of backing such things and starts acting against free societies?
Watch this space.


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